Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program (WGIP)

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The Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program (WGIP) is a joint initiative of the WA Region of Irrigation Australia (IAL) and the Water Corporation in Western Australia.  (WGIP) is one of the Water Corporation’s family of ‘Waterwise’ Programs designed to optimise water-use efficiency and reduce water use in the home. Currently members of the Program install the great majority of garden watering systems being installed in Perth.  Underpinning the Program are the design principles, system specifications and installation standards and aims to optimise the water-use efficiency of domestic watering systems installed in Western Australia.


Click on the links below to view a detailed contact list of endorsed businesses within the WGIP program



If you are interested in becoming a “Waterwise Specialist” and joining the program, please download the WGIP Application Form and Guidelines – V9 and complete the application form and return to the IAL WA Office.

To watch a brief overview of the program, view the WGIP induction Video on YouTube (5 minutes).

Entry Process

  1. Complete the Application Form and return with annual membership payment (mailing details are written on the application form)
  2. Once the application form is received and processed, the WGIP Manual will be dispatched electronically for study (6 weeks timeframe from date of issue)
  3. On completion of the study period, access will be issued to complete both on-line assessments (Specification and Design). 100% pass mark is required on each Quiz to move forward through the exam.
  4. On obtaining 100% in both on-line assessments, entrance to the program will be issued. A unique WGIP ID No. and WGIP Welcome Kit will be forwarded to member.
  5. The business name will be registered on the WGIP Business Listing of Waterwise Specialists which can be downloaded from the Water Corporation and Irrigation Australia Limited websites.
  6. As a registered WGIP member you will receive relevant “Waterwise” merchandise to promote your business as a “Waterwise Specialist”. You will receive regular industry related electronic communications from IALWA and a hard copy of the WA regional quarterly magazine “The Overflow”.
  7. Member discounts will also apply to regional events/functions.

The WGIP Domestic Irrigation Installation Standards and Specifications can also be downloaded.

Leaks Allowance Guidelines for Waterwise Garden Irrigators

Water Corporation announced on Monday 1st September 2014 a revised “Leak Allowance Policy” which directly utilises Waterwise Garden Irrigators to confirm water loss in irrigation systems within residential properties who apply for a leak allowance.  The Information Sheet is a guideline for carrying out leak inspections on behalf of your clients and should be read thoroughly before completing the leaks allowance application http://www.watercorporation.com.au/about-us/our-commitments/our-promise-to-you/leak-allowance-policy

As a direct driver to those members of the program, Water Corporation’s “Call Centre Staff” will  direct customers to the IAL website to locate a registered installer from the WGIP Business Listing.  The Call Centre Staff have been advised of the WGIP ID cards and will advise customers seeking a leak allowance, to request sighting these when engaging with a WGIP to identify the leak and complete relevant paperwork to claim back from Water Corp.  (Please note, all applications received by Water Corporation are cross referenced with the current businesses endorsed in the WGIP program).

To download a leaks allowance application form for your client/s, please click this link http://www.watercorporation.com.au/home/faqs/faults/do-you-offer-a-leak-allowance

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